Tiremetrix Expands Partner Agreements for Tire Registration Plus

Since the passing of the FAST Act, tire shops have been taking on a bigger burden when it comes to registering tires. The law, put in place in 2014, contains provisions for mandatory tire registration among other tire-related actions.

Tire Registration Plus is a service launched by Tiremetrix L.L.C. in 2011 to provide auto service shops with an easy-to-use tool to help them comply with federal rules. It’s a way to bypass cumbersome and inefficient paper postcards, eliminate errors, make recalls easier to cope with and help reduce fatalities due to faulty tires.

The Tire Registration Plus platform “is designed to help dealers overcome the challenges of complying with federal tire registration regulations, allowing them to focus on selling products and servicing cars,” said Joe Donehue, owner and president of Tiremetrix.

Tiremetrix has now expanded the platform thanks to integration deals with four software companies: ASA Automotive Systems Inc., Freedomsoft/Tire Shop, TCS Technologies Inc. and TireGuru Software.

Sales software developer ASA Automotive added the Tire Registration Plus system to its TireMaster point-of-sale software under a partnership agreement. The Tiremetrix data will be reflected immediately in inventory reports as well as in customer, vehicle and sales records within TireMaster. The integration will be offered to existing TireMaster customers as an optional add-on feature.

“Using Tire Registration Plus, our dealers will be able to easily capture tire registration data car-side and at the point-of-sale,” ASA Executive Vice President Dave Vogel said, “and automatically transmit the information to the tire manufacturer, making compliance quick, convenient and accurate.”

Freedomsoft offers Tire Registration Plus in its Tire Shop software platform for managing tire, automotive repair and quick lube shops. It’s an “affordable and easy way to electronically register tires,” Freedomsoft General Manager Stephen Yelverton said.

“We’ve improved registration efficiency by integrating Tire Registration Plus directly into our Tire Shop software,” he said. “Our dealers can complete the registration process at the point-of-sale and get real-time feedback to check for accuracy and safety issues before the tire leaves the shop.”

TCS Technologies is now offering Tire Registration Plus in its Tire Power and TireWorks HD software interfaces.

Mark Davis, director and general manager, software products for TCS Technologies’ parent company, Milwaukee, Wis.-based ARI Network Services, said the partnership with Tiremetrix “brings even more value and potential profit to all of our customers.”