An Uber Contender Launches Ridesharing Competition in London

Mercedes-Benz and Via have launched their jointly owned ViaVan service in London, offering a different kind of ridesharing experience that is shaping up to be quite the contender against rival, Uber.

Analysis: Could EVs Save Ridesharing Drivers Money?

While a lot of the profit and loss depends on the vehicle itself, Lyft and Uber drivers could see some cost savings if they’re driving an electric vehicle, and there’s some analysis to back this up.

Uber Gives Up Testing Rights On Self-driving Car, Other Companies Follow Suit

The company suspended autonomous car testing in California after pedestrian death in Arizona

Auto Industry Insight: Seeing the Road Ahead

From self-driving systems, battery-powered vehicles, and even ride-sharing initiatives that are changing how and why we move, these disruptive trends are moving the auto world into the future.

Technology Shaping The Automotive Industry

With the increase in testing at top technology companies, the question of if autonomous vehicles (AV) will roam the streets has turned into a question of when. However, there are still many roadblocks in the way that separate AV’s from the open marketplace.

NADA 2018 Forecast

NADA is forecasting new vehicle sales of 16.7 million units in 2018, a decline of about 2.9% from the 17.2 million sales in 2017.

Dealer News Today at NADA Conference This Weekend

The Cantin Automotive Insider and the Dave Cantin Group attended NADA Show Expo this weekend. Here's a preview of what happened.

Technology Update: Ride Sharing

With Ford creating a fractional ownership program, and GM investing heavily in ride-sharing company Lyft, manufacturers are trying to get ahead of major shake-ups in the industry.