Cox Automotive Canada Brings Full Advertising Platform to Canadian Dealers

The large, confusing and often-changing landscape of digital marketing has more than a few auto dealerships bewildered. Determining which channels to focus on is difficult enough. Managing the content, the social media and the communications becomes nearly impossible without an effective platform that can help car dealerships measure the reach and effectiveness of their efforts.

Many dealerships have turned to Advertising to help find and meet consumer demand for digital car shopping at every step of the process from research to post-sale after-care. Dealerships can use it to build integrated ad campaigns nd use advanced data-targeting capability to reach likely in-market buyers across paid search, display, social and video channels. With enough effort, dealerships can turn digital nibbles into full-scale leads that result in closings. And they don’t need to be digital marketing experts to do it, thanks to digital ad strategists who are also experts in the automotive sales industry.

Until recently, Advertising was largely absent in the Canadian market, but a new relationship between and Cox Automotive Canada will bring the full platform to dealers.

“We are very excited to offer our Advertising solution to Canadian dealers through Cox Automotive Canada,” said Maria Soklis, President of Cox Automotive Canada in a news release. “Localizing our product offering will allow us to continue to enhance the product in a way that best makes sense for our clients.”

With the new agreement, the Cox Automotive family in Canada now includes, Dealertrack, HomeNet, Manheim, NextGear Capital, Ready Logistics, RMS Automotive, vAuto, VinSolutions and Xtime. Cox Automotive is one of the largest providers of automotive solutions and services in the world. It has physical operations in 30 countries and a digital presence in 70 countries. will help leverage the reach and data of Cox Automotive, which currently touches 75 percent of all vehicle transactions in North America. Dealerships can use it to create and maintain websites, engage in digital retailing and provide managed services to shoppers and customers. It will also help dealers understand how to reach customers via digital devices in an increasingly “mobile first” marketplace. also provides expanded text ads, mobile call extensions, price extensions for paid search and access to Facebook’s extensive mobile traffic volumes.