EPISODE 11: How & Where to Raise Capital During Crisis Mode

Former dealer principal now CEO of Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC), Michael LaMotta is interviewed about using and raising capital during a crisis. Michael discusses dealers are hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of dollars a week, and how his company DOWC is helping.

Dave and Michael discuss dealer finances, how to get capital quickly, and how to lead a company through these tough times.

Michael LaMotta founded DOWC® with lessons learned from almost 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, with many years spent as a retail auto dealer.
Headquartered in Ringwood, NJ, DOWC® is among the fastest-growing service contract providers and administrators in the United States. Specializing in giving dealers access to capital along with offering customizable F&I products and expertise in compliance, as well as a full suite of technology designed to optimize productivity.

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