EPISODE 21: From $700 to 1 Billion in Sales. Gregg Ciocca Speaks on Crisis

Interview with founder and CEO of the Ciocca Dealerships, Gregg Ciocca. 20 dealerships and 1,000 employees, Gregg Ciocca is very much on the front lines of the crisis.

Listen as Dave, Andy, and Gregg discuss the following:

  • Restrictions imposed by the PA governors office and what steps the Ciocca organization is taking. 
  • The keys to communicating and motivating staff and leadership teams in a crisis.
  • The Ciocca plan for coming out of the crisis stronger than ever.
  • How Gregg started his automotive empire with $700 and grew it to over 1 billion in sales.

The latest automotive news and information every dealer needs to hear now.

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