In Buying and Selling Dealerships, Relationships Are the Driver of Success

There’s an old adage that maintains that success is not about what you know, but who you know. This is never truer than when you’re looking to buy or sell a vehicle dealership. Having someone on speed dial who knows everyone with influence on the buying and selling process is critical to success.

As a full-service automotive mergers and acquisition (M&A) firm, DCG helps successfully manage and execute both the sale and purchase of vehicle dealerships. What makes it stand out from others are the deep existing relationships DCG has with all the parties required to bring a deal to a closing. Our volume of contacts with auto manufacturers – who hold great power over the buying and selling process – enables us to make things happen faster and more smoothly than it would for a dealer going it alone or using a broker.

“For example, our team had a situation where a buyer wanted to relocate a dealership because of an inflated lease on the real property,” said Brian Brown, COO of DCG, in a recent video series. “The seller said there was no way the manufacturer would let them do it. All I had to do was pick up the phone and connect with the head market rep and explain the situation. He went out himself, looked at the properties the seller was considering and approved the relocation.”

Even the smoothest purchase of sale is likely to run into questions, concerns and bumps along the way. Before these become big problems, DCG can reach out to decision makers to remedy the situation and ensure a smooth process that will get the deal to closing faster, thanks to its portfolio of relationships.

Buying and selling dealerships is a paperwork-heavy process, and DCG can also apply its deep well of knowledge to make the paperwork more pain-free.

“The other part of the acquisition process is supporting the challenge of completing the necessary paperwork,” said Brown. “This is where we’re really hands-on, from assisting with DMV applications to understanding manufacturer requirements. Our expertise helps to speed the approval and close the deal. Our experience in working with every manufacturer helps to make the application process stress-free.”

DCG knows the “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to working with each manufacturer, and the right approach to getting the paperwork moving.

“We even sit with you to complete the complicated application process and fine-tune your business plan,” said Brown. “The bottom line is: we’re not going to see you for the first time at the closing table. We’re going to walk with you to the finish line and get you there quickly. We really are partners with you throughout the entire process, and this is what distinguishes DCG as a full-service M&A firm for versus a broker. We don’t just represent you. We truly provide a service and build a relationship with you for years to come.”