Tyler Corder, CFO and COO, Findlay Automotive Group

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Originally from “a wheat farm in the middle of nowhere” in Montana, Tyler Corder was an employee of GM Financing when he was transferred to Nevada and met the Findlay family – the rest is history, as he joined Findlay Automotive Group in 1994 and has been there ever since. Now working as both the CFO and COO of the company, Tyler has seen Findlay grow from four dealerships to 35 across Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Washington. Tyler has served in leadership roles for many charitable organizations, such as the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and he is currently on the boards of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow.

“It’s important that of the limited numbers of vehicles that are being shipped, we’re getting our share or more than our share.”


In this episode, Tyler and our host Derek D discuss how geographic clustering has made operations easier for a large automotive group like Findlay, the effects that the UAW strike at the Big Three automakers’ factories could have on multiple aspects of the retail automotive business, and the unusual experiences that can happen at a Las Vegas car dealership. Plus, they take a deep dive into the current state of the automotive supply chain, cover affordability issues raised by interest rates, and more.

Findlay Automotive Group

Episode Highlights:

  • Why many car manufacturers have switched their incentives from purchasing to leasing
  • Why Tyler says the EV sector is currently a creation of the federal and state governments and tax programs rather than a consumer-driven industry
  • How Findlay Auto Group is less tightly structured than public dealership groups of a similar size – and how that’s an advantage in terms of attracting talent

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