SEASON 4 | EPISODE 13: “I always enjoyed the beauty of the car.” || George Grubbs III, President and CEO, Grubbs Automotive Group

“To us it’s always been people and process – build strong processes, find talented people, and get out of their way.”

Fourth-generation car dealer George Grubbs III grew up wanting to be a doctor – until he got his first taste of the sales side of the automotive industry. Now, he’s president and CEO of his family’s dealership group, Grubbs Automotive Group, boasting six stores and on their way to further expansion.

George joins Derek D for an insightful conversation spanning his lifelong love of automobiles from multiple standpoints, what it’s like having a family history in car sales that stretches so far back, switching to a pickup truck for his daily drive, and developing a new brand as the market becomes ready for it. He also talks about how to mitigate risks during dealership group expansion,  the importance of proper documentation and updating documents, what happens when someone says they’d like to buy a car just like the one he’s driving, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • What George’s father insisted on driving in order to promote the business
  • How Grubbs Automotive Group avoids overextension when trying to expand
  • Why customers prefer to be told bluntly about dealership policies and changes
  • How Grubbs Automotive staff members are in training constantly – and how such a thing is possible
  • The specific types of vehicles that Grubbs dealerships can strategically price above MSRP without losing customer satisfaction

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