Matt Gunderson, State Senate Candidate, CA-38

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Matt Gunderson came from a large family in western Wisconsin, never intending to sell cars. But after getting into business with his brother in an open Infiniti dealership point in California, he found himself two decades later, running that successful dealership, plus two others he had started from the ground up.

“I had two choices – sit on the sidelines, or jump in.”

– Matt Gunderson, State Senate Candidate, CA-38

On this episode, Matt Gunderson talks with Derek D. about his unlikely path to both California and the automotive industry, how he built his business in an unfamiliar state, and how someone who’s not a “car person” could be attracted to the business of selling cars. He also details what inspired him to run for office as a relative newcomer, his convictions about how political change can be made, and how negotiating with car manufacturers is like dealing with a state government.

Episode Highlights:

  • Matt’s journey to becoming an “accidental” car dealer
  • How Matt was recruited to run for state senate – and why he was reluctant at first
  • How the Mission Viejo family of dealerships coped under pandemic-related regulations
  • The silver lining of having to cut back on staff

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