“Siri, Unlock My Volkswagen”

The ability to use Siri – the ubiquitous artificial intelligence associated with Apple devices – to unlock and lock your vehicle isn’t new to the luxury car market, but it’s new to Volkswagen. Drivers will be able to not only have Siri unlock their vehicles if they should get locked out, but also enable alarms and perform more functions remotely, thanks to a deepening of the existing agreement between Apple and the German car maker. Volkswagen updated its Car-Net iOS app to add Siri voice control and Siri Shortcuts to allow drivers perform many useful features, according to the company

Using iPads and iPhones running on iOS 12 will also be able to check the estimated mileage remaining for fuel or charge remaining for electric models, and even ask Siri to honk the horn if they’ve forgotten where they parked. (A useful feature in time for holiday shopping at the mall season!) Volkswagen drivers will also be able to set Siri Shortcuts with personalized phrases such as “defrost the windows,” “set the climate control temperature,” “start or stop charging,” and more.

“We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make VW Car-Net more convenient and relevant for our customers,” said Abdallah Shanti, EVP, Global Chief Information Officer Volkswagen Brand & Car-IT in a press release. “With Siri Shortcuts, creating voice commands to use with our mobile app was a great opportunity to do just that! Integration with Siri helps our drivers keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

Car-Net Security & Service is a suite of elements that provides security features and also allows vehicle owners to access their Volkswagen remotely through vw.com/carnet as well as a smartphone app. Customers purchasing new Volkswagen models equipped with VW Car-Net Security & Service will receive a six-month trial subscription from Verizon Connect Inc., according to the company. After the six-month trial period is over, Volkswagen drivers can purchase a year of service for $199, or choose a $17.99 per month plan.