Auto Retailing Expert Cory Mosley Launches Dealer Communications Consulting Site

Many auto dealers, faced with younger workforces as well as consumers who are changing they way they shop for cars, are finding they need to be more creative when it comes to sales and marketing. Activities like role-playing can help dealership sales, as well as changing sales and marketing language from negative or neutral to positive. But it’s one thing to be aware of newer dealership marketing and sales techniques, and another thing to be prepared to train dealerships staff in these practices.

Automotive retailing expert Cory Mosley recently announced the launch of, the web portal for his strategic consulting and presentations communications coaching service to help auto dealers sell and market to a twenty-first century marketplace. Mosley said the impetus behind the site was the number of dealers who regularly wish to “pick his brain” about dealership sales and marketing. The site will operate as a division of Mosley Automotive, and aims to help dealer clients sell more, decrease expenses, and increase net profit.

“Having spent almost two decades working with and advising dealers, associations, and manufacturers, I have developed a unique perspective on how to truly penetrate a market and help clients become thought leaders in their given product category,” said Mosley in a news release.

The portal is designed to help executive, sales and marketing professionals use story-telling skills, translate data into compelling and convicting observations and sale points, use voice tone and engagement techniques to build trust and convey conviction, and to guide audiences toward decision or action next steps. Mosley’s credentials include working with high-profile dealer groups, tier-one vendors, dealer associations, and multiple OEMs. He’s also the creator of the Mosley 24/7 On-Demand Virtual Training System.

Another area MOSLEYB2B can help auto dealers is with content creation for content marketing. With most consumers doing research on the Internet before even beginning to shop, it’s vital for dealers to have a presence in the places where customers shop digitally. As a result, content development and curation become some of the most valuable sales and marketing tools a dealer can have.