Cow Enters Car Dealership; Causes $2,000 in Damage

Car dealers are used to all sorts entering the showroom to have a look around, but a Mazda dealership in Scotland recently had a visitor of a more bovine variety. Earlier this week, a cow escaped from a nearby cattle market and made use of the automatic doors at the Arnold Clark Stirling Mazda. While she seemed initially unconcerned about her location, she became upset when she realized her escape had closed.

“We were standing in the showroom then I saw one of my guys running towards us shouting ‘cow, cow cow,’ dealership sales manager James Merrins told SWNS Media. “Next thing you know, the cow was in the showroom and it looked as calm as you like. But when the automatic doors shut behind it, it began to panic and that’s when we all run for it into the offices because there was no way of stopping it.”

As could be expected, when cows panic in the showroom of a car dealership, the damages begins to pile up.

“It ran the whole length of the showroom and managed to smash out the window but as it left it broke a mirror on the Mazda MX-5 and left minor scratches on the Mazda2,” said Merrins.

The cow was later captured and returned to the cattle market from which it had escaped, but not before causing about $2,000 worth of damages. The dealership was, however, reimbursed with a bottle of whisky and an apology, as well as a promise to pay for damages caused by the visiting cow.

Police in Scotland confirmed they had received a report of a cow on the loose at a car dealership.

“The cow was injured,” said a police spokeswoman. “However, no one was harmed and the animal was returned to the auction house.”

There was no word on whether the cow is considering purchasing a new Mazda.