DealerSocket Updates Independent DMS Platform iDMS

A dealer management system (DMS) is the lifeblood of a dealership, but the business’ needs may vary depending on whether the dealer is independent or franchise. One of the most critical elements of DMS is the degree to which the product is integrated with other systems, because what one dealership operation does directly affects all other elements of the business.

Independent and franchise DMS solutions provider DealerSocket recently announced changes and updates to its iDMS platform for independent dealers in an effort to simplify the workflow process. The solution offers new integration with software tools that support independent dealers, including a popular F&I software system, thanks to a new application programming interface (API) that allows the software to communicate with other platforms.

Additional upgrades include better process automation and enhanced data collection capabilities. iDMS is offered as a “software as a service,” or cloud-based, product that doesn’t need to be installed on dealership computer systems.

With the updated product, simplified workflows mean faster data entry to save time and cut down on user errors. The updated solution also now integrates with Vision Dealer Solutions’ VisionMenu, a customizable web-based F&I menu capable of electronically rating and contracting protections from more than 100 F&I product providers.

VisionMenu, created by F&I trainer Ron Martin, also electronically signs disclosures and product contracts, as well as offers F&I performance reporting for easier administration. The latter feature is expected to be popular with F&I managers, as the API integration between iDMS and VisionMenu means easier data access and time saved.

“As the F&I market evolves to online retailing, presentation styles must be dynamic to create an engaging customer experience,” said Steve Meeker, General Manager of DealerSocket’s iDMS. “The DealerSocket/VisionMenu partnership enables F&I managers to easily present a customizable menu to sell and eContract F&I products. This integration also opens up new opportunities for dealers to sell more aftermarket products faster and easier than ever before.”