Improving Sales Conversions by Increasing Telephone Sales Skills

Sales training should never be a “one and done” process. While most dealerships do a certain amount of training when they onboard sales personnel, it’s important that training continue throughout employment. Since most people absorb multiple small lessons better than one long one, sales training should be broken down into bite-sized pieces administered over time.

Sales analysts have stated that one of the fastest ways to train dealership sales personnel to sell more vehicles is to help them improve their telephone skills. A recent study found that an astonishing 80 percent of inbound auto sales calls do not result in an appointment. Even a small dent in this key performance indicator could result in a significant increase in sales for the average dealership. Additionally, thanks to the Internet and social media, callers to dealerships are further down the sales funnel than they used to be – they have more information and they’re closer to buying — so sales personnel who believe they have good telephone skills may find that’s no longer the case.

When partnered with the dealership’s CRM, a good sales training solution can use the dealership’s own data to ensure that employees are increasing their phone skills by booking more appointments and making more sales.

Call tracking solution provider CallSource recently introduced a module called Own-Set-Close. It’s a solution that helps dealership sales personnel master automotive phrases and skills coaching. As approximately 28 percent of calls that come into dealerships are direct sales opportunities, the more skilled the people picking up the phones are, the better chance they have to turn those calls into sales.

“By providing in-dealership and over the phone call coaching to dealers, CallSource now provides all the tools a dealer needs to operate and perform better on the phone to increase their bottom line,” said  Pogo Parr, President of Automotive at CallSource. “With CallSource’s call coaching and EveryLead platform, you can’t get more accurate data and reporting that boosts your dealership. That’s what it is all about, right? – having really great data that dealers can use so they can easily track what’s working and increase sales.”