Philipp Kampshoff, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

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Originally from Germany, Philipp Kampshoff was educated in institutions around the world from Singapore to Argentina and, in the process, now speaks three languages. He holds a Ph.D. in finance from RWTH Aachen in Germany and joined McKinsey & Company right after graduating college, where he now works as a senior partner in the company’s Houston, TX office. Philipp co-founded the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility (MCFM), and has recently worked with multiple OEMs to develop large-scale autonomous driving projects. He has also consulted for major cities including Dubai, Chicago, and Paris on their future-mobility plans.

“I focus most of my work on the future of mobility”

— philipp kampshoff

In this episode, Philipp joins DNT to share his expert knowledge on future vehicle technology, particularly autonomous mobility. He and Derek D discuss the automotive industry’s evolving views on the timeline for level 4 autonomous vehicles (so-called full auto), what factors will predict the profitability of robotaxi services, and why we’re still a long way from having autonomous aviation. Plus, their conversation explores autonomous trucking, operating robotaxis and similar services in the congested streets of major cities, and more.

Philipp Kampshoff

Episode Highlights:

  • Why robotaxi services will likely be much more prevalent in warmer cities
  • How autonomous driving will give working people an hour of time back per day on average
  • Why Philipp thinks the second half of the 21st century will be a turning point for autonomous vehicles

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