SEASON 4 | EPISODE 17:“It’s like this giant amazing circle” || April Ancira, Vice President, Ancira Auto Group

Although she’s the vice president of Ancira Auto Group, which has 12 dealership franchises across Texas, the automotive business is just the foremost among April Ancira’s many interests. Aside from her leadership role at Ancira Auto, April also serves on the boards of over a dozen charitable and civic organizations, competes in the Ironman triathlon, and performs as a stand-up comedian.

On this episode, April Ancira sits down with Derek D to discuss how her father’s inconsistent pronunciation of their last name has featured in commercials, meeting her husband at the NADA show, when the expense of acquiring a new dealership can be justified, and how she shook off nervousness in her first standup sets. Plus, she talks about dividing the macro concerns from the micro ones at Ancira Auto, the horror of early-90s printed Excel spreadsheets, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • The surprising reason Ancira Auto Group has kept more Volkswagens in stock during the ongoing microchip shortage
  • How auto dealerships at their best can cause a virtuous circle of mutual uplifting
  • What April learned when she quit the family business to wait tables at Chili’s
  • The business situations in which April has to meet her husband in the middle, despite the fact that they are responsible for completely different things


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