Sign the Petition! #AllowSafeAutoSales

Sign the Petition to Join Forces in Creating a Dealer Operations Movement

In a time when some dealers are not allowed to engage in sales, and others are in furlough-like holding patterns completely, wants the industry to band together as one voice. While many of the leading automotive industry associations and support organizations are working at the state and federal level on behalf of dealers, others are now joining the fight. is leading another charge, in the form of a petition, and is looking to pave the way and seek approvals that recognize the ‘essential’ necessity of dealer sales and leasing during these pandemic conditions. understands the value and essential nature of not only dealership service lanes, but also the sales and leasing capabilities as well. They are looking for 10,000 signatures to join the efforts and have plans to submit written request to the Department of Homeland Security.

Don’t just sign it for your operations but encourage other dealers within your groups or markets to join the efforts. Signing is easy, secure, and entirely digital and can be done here.

Read the letter from CEO, Alex Vetter here to learn more about the petition and to understand the full request being pursued.

View the letter that will be sent to the Department of Homeland Security here.

Dave Cantin talks with Alex Vetter about leading this charge and advocating for the essential sales and leasing status for dealers everywhere. Listen to the podcast conversation and join dealers nationwide as they push for more ‘essential’ approvals.

Join the fight on behalf of dealers and spread the word about the #AllowSafeAutoSales movement today!