Nielsen and J.D. Power Partner to Launch Nielsen Auto Cloud for Segmented Marketing

As a dealer, do you ever feel like you’re marketing into a void? Segmented marketing is a necessity today, since different people in different stages of the buying cycle will respond to different marketing messages. There is no “one size fits all” way to market, and if you’re paying a media agent to do so, you may be wasting your money. Consider leveraging the power of big data and analytics, which can improve your ability to target car buyers based on their preferred criteria.

This week, Nielsen launched what it’s calling the Nielsen Auto Cloud in partnership with J.D. Power. It’s a marketing and measurement platform that combines the Nielsen Marketing Cloud with J.D. Power’s car-buyer intelligence and insights. The platform provides automotive advertisers, agencies and media owners direct access to audience data from Nielsen with buyer insights from J.D. Power, as well as omnichannel advertising and campaign measurement capabilities to help microsegment marketing audiences and improve marketing performance.

The goal is to help automotive marketers target audiences and personalize their advertising messages based on a diverse set of criteria such as car features and styles, buying stage, brand affinities, as well as media engagement, geo-location and device type using data from Nielsen and J.D. Power. This way, marketing and media agents will be able to provide better value and more granular insight to vehicle dealership clients. They’ll also be able to track and optimize every stage of the car buyer purchase journey in real time to measure the success of campaigns and their return on investment.

“Nielsen and J.D. Power are ushering in a new era for the auto industry,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Officer for J.D. Power in a statement. “We’re empowering auto marketers with immediately actionable intelligence…whether for consumer insights, cross-media planning and targeting, or campaign measurement.”

“We are thrilled to launch this game-changing automotive solution with J.D. Power. The Nielsen Auto Cloud’s combination of data, technology and measurement capabilities is unique to the auto advertising world,” said Damian Garbaccio, EVP at Nielsen. “Auto marketers can now be more responsive to changes in buying behavior, more personalized with their advertising and content, better at measuring outcomes, and—ultimately—more efficient with their media investments.”