Social Media Strategies and Your Dealership: Driving Customer Engagement

Car shoppers today are using their mobile devices to conduct research and get real-time advice, and dealerships need to step up their online game to meet the customers where they’re looking. Social media is one of the top places that prospective customers are getting their info, whether it’s reviews of a dealership, reviews of cars, or comparison shopping specific vehicles.

According to the 2017 Car buyer journey report, 56 percent of car buyers used smartphones to access automotive information on the internet before making purchases decision. Despite its accessibility, social media still presents a challenge for many auto dealerships. How can dealerships use social tools to drive customer engagement and, ultimately, sales?

Be Consistent on Social Media

It won’t do to have a Facebook page that only posts once in a blue moon. You have to be regular to keep your fans hooked and let the algorithms work in your favor for more views. Use every opportunity you get to build a better rapport with your existing customers and create new bonds with the new people that you can target. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find important days of the year and create posts around it. These can again range from simple visuals to complex stories or video ideas. You can even set a schedule for the posts so as to maximize your team’s efficiency and prevent delays.

Lead Generation Landing Pages = Prospects

Facebook leads ads allows you to get leads for your automotive business inexpensively. It uses pre-filled forms that make it easier for users to provide their details, such as their email addresses, name, and phone number. Give prospective customers visiting your Facebook page the opportunity to request a test drive. A lead page is what’s considered the “end of the funnel” and can help attract targeted traffic.  Traffic in the funnel means attractive leads and a prospective sale.

Don’t Focus On the Numbers. Focus on Engagement.

Social media marketing is not a face-value numbers game. It’s all about engagement. Someone can like your page one day and never interact with it again. What use is that to your business? There’s no difference between this person and someone who drives by, sees a car they like, but doesn’t actually ever walk in to inquire about it. Easy ways to interact with your followers include asking questions on engaging content, posting polls and competitions, or giving away free deals like a car wash or maintenance check. Set it up so your followers have to spread the word.

Keep It Local

Staying engaged with your community is vital. In addition to having engaging and interactive posts, dealerships should work to tap into their communities. This can be in the form of inviting them to neighborhood-friendly events at your dealership or arranging a team building exercise to give back to the area.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for both new and used car dealerships. Connecting with communities and building audiences to engage with existing customers propels dealers’ reach. If used wisely, social media can transform “likes” into sales.